Harbor Renovation
Harbor Renovation
  • How do we get the things we really want?


    Anything that has to do with color, style or preference, you are able to purchase directly.  We are responsible for the parts and labor to install that element.  For example, when you buy a faucet, we supply the supply lines, stop valves or anything else it takes to install and make sure it is working properly.


    How do we know what elements we are to purchase?


    We include a spread sheet in our bid listing all the elements associated with your project.  One column on the spread sheet is labeled "Owner Budget"  If there is a budget amount in red,$45.00 for example, next to the line item then this is an element you would purchase.  This essentially becomes your shopping list.  We also provide the amounts and square footages needed.


    What happens if I spend more than the budget amount listed?

     We do the best we can to include budgets that work for you, but we do not always know the particular taste of each client.  We base the budget amounts on usual and customary prices we see.  That being said, your budget is your budget, if your taste falls outside the budget amount, you do not owe us any thing extra because budget amounts come out of your pocket.  Any purchases you make less than the budget amount, you get to keep in your own pocket as well.  This way you get exactly what you want with no mark up. 

    What do we do if we see something going in the wrong direction?


    We do all we can to be sure we are all on the same page from the beginning but if you do see something you may question, be sure by all means bring it up right away.  You are certainly not going to hurt our feelings.

    Will I have a bunch of different people I don't know in and out of my house?


    From the first day you will have the same people or person working on your job.  We only use one other subcontractor, and that is the granite/quartz fabricator.  When he is there, we are there as well.  We respect the privacy and security of your home and we will never let someone we don't know have access.


    What about dust?


    We do all we can to prevent dust migrating beyond our immediate work area but dust just wants to go where it's not invited.  Most of the time our path to and from the truck or trailer goes through a portion of your home and like "Pig Pen" dust follows us everywhere we go.  If you prefer we can arrange a professional cleaner to come in at the end of the job and do dust abatement.  Quite frankly, most people do it themselves.