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     At Harbor Renovation, we love working with awesome people assisting in the design process to build new spaces where once old and outdated spaces existed. Combining new light, colors and textures together for a remarkable transformation, we proudly promote uplifting feelings to brighten your home to enhance your next gathering and to create new and lasting memories.


    We value the time honored craftsman who with years of experience and good old know how as he plies his craft with care and efficiency, applying his procedure with sequential accuracy to a task worth doing right.  It is not the amount of time spent that judges the quality of work, rather it is the passage of time that reveals the enduring beauty and art of the craftsman. 

     We know that creating a construction zone in your personal space is a difficult thing to do. That is why we take extra measures to limit the migration of dust to other parts of your home while maintaining focused time solely on your project and your project alone. We value a clean and safe space for our clients to easily live their lives while we create your stunning design. 

     Our highest complement for the work we do is to see the thrill in our clients eyes when they see their finished design. Sometimes it may be a bit of a leap to gaze upon an old, worn out kitchen and see the bright possibilities that could be, but that is were we excel! From the beginning we visualize the end from the beginning to help you step across the threshold into limitless possibilities. 

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